Linda Resnik, former journalist, television producer, marketing and public relations manager and consultant, CEO of nonprofit professional organization, and executive director of a White House Conference

Dee Brock, former college teacher and administrator, marketing and public relations manager, writer/producer of and consultant for radio and television series, senior vice president of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

A note from the authors . . .
Food FAQs grew out of our persistent need for answers to questions about the right amounts of ingredients to buy and what could be substituted instead. Though we found bits and pieces of information in hundreds of books, our quest to find a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use volume failed. So we decided to create the book we needed.

We thought ourselves qualified for the task for several reasons:
  • Between us, we had some 50 years of cooking experience. (That figure astounded us!)
  • We also had limitless curiosity about the problems of the kitchen.
  • We had demonstrated the research skills necessary to earn three college degrees each.
  • Each of us had succeeded in managing complex projects through several executive positions.
  • Both of us were published authors.
  • Most importantly, we knew exactly what we wanted the book to do for ourselves and other readers.

Food FAQs solves the problems we set out to solve. It provides the accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-access information you and other cooks need to answer questions about substitutions, yields and equivalents. And it's attractive and just the right size to be welcome on your kitchen shelf or counter.

No kitchen is complete without Food FAQs. It's the perfect gift for yourself—and for all your friends and family.

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