Food FAQs is destined to become the first evergreen kitchen reference book of the 21st century. Be prepared. An extensive promotion campaign, including all media, is fueling public interest in this essential new kitchen tool.

Attention Nonprofit Fund Raisers:
Looking for another way to raise money for your favorite nonprofit organization? Food FAQs may be the answer. This unique, new kitchen reference book is the one new tool that every kitchen needs. A perfect gift to buy for yourself—and for every cook or soon-to-be-cook on your list. It's a surefire seller for your nonprofit group.

Food FAQs is available at special discounts for nonprofit groups. To learn more about the fundraising opportunities with Food FAQs, send us a FAX at 903-565-6653 with your organization's particulars or e-mail us via Opportunities for Nonprofits.

Attention Booksellers:
Do you sell books directly to the public? Your customers will be asking for this book as seen in newspaper and magazine reviews and on television. Order your copies now. Here is the information you need to request this title from your distributor:
  • Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents,
    by Linda Resnik and Dee Brock

  • $12.95 US, 224 pages with softcover, lay-flat binding and comprehensive index
  • ISBN: 0-9667179-0-2
  • LCCN: 98-93812

If your distributor doesn't have Food FAQs, please contact us directly by FAX at 903-565-6653 or send us an e-mail message via Opportunities for Commercial Distributors.

Attention Distributors:
Do you sell gift items to kitchen stores, grocery stores, drug stores, book stores, health stores, gift shops, others? Then, you will want to add Food FAQs, a unique, new kitchen reference to your line.

Food FAQs is more than a book. It is an essential tool for every kitchen and the perfect, inexpensive gift for everyone who cooks—or plans to. It's not just a fad or gimmick. It will never go out of style.

This season's best new kitchen gift item is ready to ship now. To learn more about your opportunities with Food FAQs, send us a FAX with your company particulars to 903-565-6653 or send us a message via Opportunities for Commercial Distributors.

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