What reviewers say about Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents

[Food FAQs is one of] "our top picks—45 of the most indispensable ideas, products, ingredients, techniques, and tools we've ever found."

—Cooking Light magazine

"Food FAQs
is your new best friend. It's also a reference for the budget-conscious, the health-conscious and those who simply wish to spice up a tired old recipe."

—Houston Chronicle

". . . handy . . . trusty book. . ."

—Irene Sax, food writer

"The book is small in size but large in scope, so you can keep it handy on the counter or tucked out of sight."

—The Detroit News

"A book that belongs in everyone's kitchen is Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents. . . . It answers those questions that both novice and experienced cooks confront everyday. . . .This is a unique reference book compiled from years of research and testing that will prove invaluable when kitchen emergencies occur."

—Alan Caruba, Bookviews

"It's nifty."

—The Denver Post

". . . not just for beginners, make no mistake. The substitutions give rise to combinations you may not have thought of before and which foster originality. This is a book for the experienced cook, too."
—Gene Silverman, food editor, Vallejo (CA) Times-Herald

"[W]eep no more over chopping more onions than you need. Such kitchen snafus just might become a thing of the past. . . . Food FAQs may become a well-worn favorite."

—Johnson City Press

"Food FAQs is a bargain no cook nor gift giver can overlook."
—The Kitchen Konnection

". . . a book laying out well-grounded. . . recipe substitutions."

—The Daily News (Galveston, TX)

"Does anyone really know how much diced ingredient comes from a medium onion? Is there a quick fix [for a kitchen disaster]. . . two hours before company comes? Can there be a cooking book without recipes? Yes, yes and yes. The authors have answered these questions and hundreds more with. . . Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents."
—Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph

". . . a 'must' for any kitchen reference collection. Other cookbooks have covered substitutions, but Food FAQs includes yields and equivalents before and after preparation and makes for an excellent reference."

—Midwest Book Review

"[This book] is marvelous! What I like about it is that you can be a novice or you can be a professional and you can use it. It's done very, very well. . . . The index is magnificent. . . . For $12.95, this is really a great gift. . . . I think it's the best buy in town."
—Jackie Olden, California radio personality, cookbook author, chef, cooking teacher

"This. . . book is a handy reference to have around for kitchen catastrophes—or, if you prefer, adventures."

—Cooking Light magazine

"Unlike any other book on the market, Food FAQs provides comprehensive and accurate information. . . in one handy, handsome, easy-to-use volume. Food FAQs provides the information most cooks need. . . ."
—The Recipe Page Newsletter

". . . fabulous new book. . . invaluable reference should be in every cook's library."
—Fabulous Foods.com Highlights & Kitchen Tips Newsletter

"Excellent. . . a great gift for an avid cook or for somebody just starting out who might need some help."

—Allison Smith, News at Noon, KRIS-TV/NBC

". . . contains answers to every cook's questions, such as how much to buy, what ingredients to use instead of others, substitutions for nearly 700 food items."
—Today's Black Woman magazine

"Food FAQs provides a world of options for those everyday cooking problems."
—The Fairfax Chief (OK)

"This nifty little book has become a much-needed reference in [our] test kitchen. Handy for new and experienced cooks."

—Tiny Tummies newsletter

"The book covers all the common fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, grains, herbs, spices and dairy products. It also can help cooks when they come across such unfamiliar ingredients as harissa, a Tunisian hot sauce; or quinoa, a trendy tiny grain. . . ."
—Winston-Salem Journal

". . . a book to help make every kitchen a little more efficient. . . and every cook a little happier."

—The Ringling Eagle (OK)

"An invaluable resource! Thorough and meticulous. Praises to the authors for its excellent research and kitchen-tested information."
—David W. Frazier, MD, cardiologist, North Carolina

"I love this book! I had no idea that I needed the information that is available in Food FAQs. I hesitate showing this to my wife. . . . I should just let her think I'm a genius in the kitchen."

—Lionel LeBlanc, entrepreneur, Canadian, currently living in the United States

"More times than I care to recall, I've needed to find a substitute for an ingredient and have been frustrated with the miscellaneous and incomplete information available in my extensive cookbook collection. Food FAQs solves that problem."
—Kathy Deane, homemaker, Stone Harbor, NJ

"A most useful tool for both the beginner and the experienced. . . a useful collection of frequently sought out answers. . . Will take the guesswork out of everyday meal preparation."

—David Bender, Washington, DC, executive, gourmet cook

". . . a useful resource for people who like to cook and an invaluable tool for commercial kitchens."
—Carole Wilson, professional cooking teacher and food services manager, Troup, TX

"I love this book! Not only is it incredibly useful, but it is also attractive and well-organized."

—Diane Burgess, homemaker, Tyler, TX

"This book does exactly what it sets out to do—it provides useful, accurate information that saves time and reduces waste. I gave Food FAQs to my wife and she loves it."
—Dr. Richard Haase, retired professor, West Palm Beach, FL

"I will use it and will certainly buy one for each of my children."

—Betty Anne Engel, homemaker, Kensington, CA

The above comments are only a few of those we have received from reviewers across the country. We would really like to know your opinion, too. When you have received your book, please come back to our website and tell us what you think.

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