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The Substitutions section of the book is arranged alphabetically. It notes acceptable substitutions for nearly 700 food entries. Of course, no substitutes in cooking achieve results identical to the original ingredients. But if you choose from among the substitutions in Food FAQs, you can be sure that you are using tested, successful alternatives.

Yields & Equivalents  
The Yields & Equivalents section is divided into common food categories. The entries tell you how much to buy or use to equal a specified amount of a food item prepared in a certain way. The information you seek may be as simple as the equivalent measures in cups for ingredients that are purchased by weight. Or you may seek more complex information about yields of items after they are pureed, diced, sliced or chopped.

Food FAQs Quick Answers  
Scattered throughout the book you will find "Food FAQs Quick Answers," informative tips that offer general guidance or special instructions for specific food items or broad categories of food.

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